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Richardson & Wrench

How to give your biggest assets the tools needed to succeed: a marketing tool for real estate agents.


The Richardson & Wrench network reaches out across 80 independently owned real estate offices in Queensland and NSW. And they are showing no signs of slowing.

Goals and Objectives

As innovators in the industry, Richardson & Wrench are always looking for new models, features and services that will help them better serve their clients–and get an edge on their competitors. And while the digital world has a seemingly endless pool of resources, tools, features and candy to choose from:

What they really needed something that would serve the people that made Richardson & Wrench the powerhouse that it is.

Our approach was to provide customised Digital Listing services for both Sales and Property Management; offering a tailored marketing experience that was sure to be a Richardson-&-Wrench-style game changer.

  • Sales Agent Custom Website Tool
  • Property Manager Custom Website Tool
  • Marketing Collateral Mock-Ups

The Digital Listing tools allowed agents to customise their presentations at will, while maintaining a neat, professional and modern marketing touch. This allowed Richardson & Wrench to change not only their brand perception, gain market share and win new business–but to change the behaviour of its valued employees, giving them the tools and freedom they needed to perform the job at their best.


I have been working with Big Creativa for several years for design & digital technology solutions for our business. Their team has an innate understanding of our brand, my aesthetic and delivers high quality, cutting edge outcomes on every project he works on for us. I place complete trust in the crew at Big Creativa and they deliver every time.

Amanda Ward, Head of Brand & Network Strategy
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